Words In A Cyclone and Being Here

Good friends Scot Gardner, Jim Moloney and Sean Choolburra joined me in Darwin recently for the English Teachers' Association of the NT literature festival, Words in the Wet. It was brilliant timing, since Cyclone Carlos decided to make an appearance smack in the middle of the festival. Authors were stuck in their hotels, the airport was closed and trees toppled in the cyclonic winds. Scot was particularly impressed as this was his first cyclone - he took off into the streets with his camera in a plastic bag to get photographic evidence of the experience and returned looking like a drowned rat. Despite the cyclone [which wiped out two days of the festival] students very much appreciated the authors' talks and the authors very much appreciated the humour of Sean Choolburra. He had us falling about laughing.

Congratulations once again to the festival organiser, Nita Jonsberg, who did an amazing job in exceptionally trying circumstances.

The cyclone blew away the book launch of Being Here, but the book has been out a month now and is gaining very good reviews. I will put together a selection of the best for my next news item. In the meantime, if you have read the book, please let me know what you think. If you haven't read it - shame on you! Rush out and get a copy immediately!

Barry Jonsberg