Being Here approaches publication!

The last couple of months have been fairly busy getting my new book, Being Here, into shape and ready for publication. The good news, from my point of view, is that my work now is basically done. I have read, proofread, proofread, altered, proofread and then done some more proofreading. It is normally at this stage that I vow I will never read it again on the grounds I'm sick to death of it. Trust me - it happens when you have read something about a hundred times. But with Being Here I'm still happy to go over it and over it to make it the best that it can be. This is a first for me.

I'm excited by this one.

Others appear excited too. The book is out there in the form of readers' copies - uncorrected proofs that are sent to the media, booksellers, critics and other key people in the publishing industry. So far, I have received exceptionally positive feedback. One person said she was 'blown away by it.' A fellow writer called it 'honest' and 'emotionally gripping.' Another said it is a 'beautiful, beautiful thing'. One bookseller and reviewer said he 'laughed and cried' and that it is a 'lovely' book. So the early signs are encouraging. Now we have to wait until the 1st of February when the book hits the bookshops [though, in my experience, it will probably be in shops a couple of weeks before that]. Then it will be the turn of the reader - you, I hope - to make judgements on whether I am justified in being pleased with this novel.

I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Barry Jonsberg