Blacky In Brazil, Being Here and the All Saints Festival

It's always a thrill when you hear of an overseas deal, but especially when it means you will be published in new territories.

So I was delighted to learn that my trilogy for Younger Readers - the Blacky series -  is due for publication in Brazil. This is my first time in South America and ensures that my writing is represented throughout the entire continent. It will probably take a long time, but I am looking forward to getting my authors' copies and seeing Blacky, Marc and Dyl in Portuguese.

Being Here [just to balance the good news] has been put back to February 2011. This is not because the manuscript isn't in good shape. It is. But my editor, Jodie Webster, has rather too much on her plate right now and we agreed that it was not a good idea to rush the publication. Readers' copies are still due for September this year, so I guess it will be out in one form at least this year. If you are a reviewer or a librarian then it should be possible to get a copy then.

Finally, I had a good time in Perth for the All Saints Festival, organised by the one and only Kris Williams. Plenty of good writers and, of course, terrific audiences comprised of local students. The weather was magnificent as well - I missed the forty plus temperatures of the previous week and the appalling and destructive storms that came the week after.

I now have a break in my commitments to festivals and school visits, so I can continue with my latest book. It's always good to shut that study door and get back to writing.

Barry Jonsberg