Words In The Wet Festival in Darwin

This has to be the best festival I have been involved in!

It was brilliant to catch up with some good friends - Michael Gerard Bauer, Scot Gardner and Simon Higgins - as the four of us visited schools in the Top End, including Alice Springs. Michael and I did a live broadcast from NTOEC to remote communities. They could see us but we couldn't see them, which was slightly unnerving, but great fun. In all, we visited twelve schools and on behalf of all the writers I would like to thank staff and students for making us feel so welcome. I'm already hoping to be booked for next year.

Other news: the manuscript of Being Here, my latest YA novel has been re-written and is now in the process of being turned into readers' copies. I am excited by this book. I think it is my best yet. It is due for publication in September this year and I'll keep you informed as it moves towards that publication date.

As far as other festivals are concerned, I am going to Perth in a couple of weeks for the All Saints Festival and then it is WordStorm, back in the Northern Territory. I just hope they are half as good as Words In The Wet. It's not a bad life being a writer!

Barry Jonsberg