What's new?

2010 promises to be a busy year for me.

To start with, there are two books due out early in the year. Blacky Blasts Back: On The Tail of the Tassie Tiger is due out in January and is the third in the Blacky the Farting Dog series for younger readers, 9-12 years old.

This time, Blacky and his mates, Marc and Dyl, have to travel to Tasmania to complete their biggest mission yet. Click here to check out the progress of the book.

Then there is my picture book for Omnibus that comes out in January. It is part of the Mates series and is called The Heart of the Forest. I really like this book and the illustrations by the very talented Craig Phillips.

There is another Young Adult book on the way, though I don't yet know a publication date. It's provisionally called Being Here and has a 92 year old woman as the main character. But don't despair. It really is aimed at young adults.

I'm hoping it will be out before the end of 2010, but I'll keep you informed of progress. The first draft is finished, but I dare say there will be re-writing and all the other stuff that comes with getting a book published. I'm excited by this one, though. I think it might turn out to be my best.

As far as school visits and festivals are concerned, I am going to be a part of a new literature festival for young people in the Northern Territory [this means I don't have to travel far at all] as well as taking part in WordStorm, the bi annual writing festival based in Darwin. Then there is the All Saints festival in lovely Perth and a few other things being negotiated.

Watch this space.

Barry Jonsberg