Blacky Blasts Back: On the Tail of the Tassie Tiger

Blacky Blasts Back: On the Tail of the Tassie Tiger
Published January 2010

A third wacky adventure with Blacky the farting dog. Blacky's sending Marcus and Dylan to the Tasmanian wilderness on a mission. But between giant bully boys, unintelligible Scottish camp instructors and the need for thermal underwear - will they find the last remaining Tasmanian tiger?


Blacky's back, smellier than ever. And he's got a new mission for Marcus and Dylan: track down the very last Tassie tiger and save it from extinction. Simple, really.

But throw in some bumbling thylacine hunters, a bully out to get you, a hairy Scotsman on steroids, and anything can - and will - happen. Especially as time is running out.

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The Author Says

The third in the Blacky series and I loved writing this one.

Blacky, Marc and Dyl demanded another adventure to save yet another endangered animal. So what was it to be this time?

I have always been interested in the Tasmanian Tiger. On the one hand, what happened to the tiger is an appalling example of the damage we humans have done and continue to do to the environment. But there’s an element of romance there.

What if the Tassie Tiger didn’t become extinct? What if there are a few of them still out there in the wilds of Tasmania, keeping a low profile and staying well away from us [and who could blame them?]. What if a miracle could happen and these magnificent creatures have not been lost for all eternity?

I had my new adventure.

So off my characters went to the wilderness areas of Tassie to meet up with some strange people and some stranger events. I like strange people and I LOVE Tasmania. Sometimes it’s great to be a writer. You can indulge all of your passions and have amazing fun whilst doing so.

Barry Jonsberg