A Croc Called Capone

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Published March 2009

A free trip to the Northern Territory! Sounds good, thinks Marcus ('Mucus' to his sister Rose). But when his best friend Dylan joins the family holiday, mayhem is not far away. Our unlikely heroes, under the supervision of Blacky, the farting, grumpy but telepathic dog, have another mission to complete, but this time it's nothing to do with a small, cute lizard. This time there's a good chance they'll get eaten...

Fast-paced comedy-adventure from award-winning author Barry Jonsberg.


Blacky the farting dog has a mission that Marcus and Dylan can't refuse.

Trouble is, this mission involves a monstrous saltwater crocodile who would much rather chomp on a human for dinner than have a civilised conversation.

Of course, there's also the small matter of a giant big-game hunter on a collision course with our heroes.

And will Marcus be any match for his mean older sister Rose and her light-sabre-wielding best friend Cy Ob Han?

Blacky the master of disguise is back, full of attitude and smelly as ever.

The Author Says

I just couldn’t forget about the characters I created for my first book for younger readers, The Dog That Dumped On My Doona. There was something really appealing about them. I liked Dylan, the typical classroom ‘idiot’ with behavioural disorders. I liked the smart and shy Marcus, and his horrible sister, Rose.

But, most of all, I liked Blacky, the grumpy, farting dog who can communicate telepathically with some humans. So back they all came – this time on a mission to the Northern Territory [where I live] to save saltwater crocodiles.

As always, this book was a pleasure to write. I already had the characters, so it was simply a question of having fun with the adventure. It was good, also, to write about my own part of the country.

Even as I finished the book, I knew that the adventures weren’t done yet. There was at least one more to go – and this time, I’d move from end of Australia to the other…

Barry Jonsberg